Holistic Yoga at Shunyata Villa


"Uniquely different," "not found anywhere else," "touching," "deeply transforming," "extraordinary," "a revelation in terms of self-healing," "balm for the soul." "You just have to experience it for yourself."

Yoga in today's world is so diverse. The offer incredibly large, a wide variety of teaching styles, numerous, professionally trained teachers. Consequently, it should be so easy to find the right one for you? Our participants often deny this thesis. They feel overloaded and overwhelmed with exactly this variety, and after a stay with us, set out to find exactly the yoga experience they had with us.

So, what is this yoga experience with us? Maybe something like "back to basics". Or in other words: "back to the origin", "to the essence". Simple, clear, pure, without any "decoration". The moto is: 'Less is more'.

We leave out what distracts (sometimes even the "nice" distractions), and so you may concentrate in this quiet simplicity with full focus on the essential: YOURSELF! IN YOUR FULL PRESENCE! As you are, and maybe also as you don't know yourself yet.

The SILENCE, the LOVE – to yourself, and the skill of LISTENING to yourself, our daily attention in the retreat.


Balance & connection of body, mind & soul
find and strengthen here at Shunyata Villa.


How is our approach:

CONNECTING: Look forward to the wonderful and healing connection of Yoga & Ayurveda. Daily body and energy work, rounded off with Ayurvedic massages and treatments.

A holistic approach, with which you get back in touch with your self-healing powers with simple means, and learn to activate them independently. The transfer of the experience into your life is our focus!

INDIVIDUAL & INTENSIVE: No matter what your constitution is, whether you are an absolute yoga beginner, returning to yoga or an experienced practitioner, everyone is right here with what he or she brings along! The only requirement is that you want to actively do something for yourself!

Individual means that we work in small groups and that your personal development is in the foreground.
Intensive means that we take enough time for you.
Sanjeewa, our yoga master, will correct and refine the conscious building up and assuming of the postures step by step in joint interaction with you. Your breath is your most faithful helper and guide. Body and mind receive new impulses - are "confronted" with a completely new idea - and you discover in a spontaneous and often very touching way the still unused potential in you. The aha-effect is usually already given after the first correction by Sanjeewa. Beginners may experience for the first time their body in full alignment. Experienced practitioners experience a whole new awareness when performing the asanas with the help of the intensive fine correction and breathing practice.

EMPATHIC: Empathy means "to feel with without suffering." Yoga is wonderful for experiencing our - often self-imposed - limits. When we enter into a posture, we are immediately confronted with our physical and also mental limits. How we meet this limit is our free CHOICE. We learn together how to approach our limits compassionately, attentively and mindfully. We learn to look at struggle, pain and resistance and let go. Every day anew. A very liberating experience.

PROFESSIONAL: Sanjeewa Jayabandu, is a master in his field. The term 'yoga therapy' perhaps more accurately describes his practice. And yet, it remains different.

A former Buddhist monk, Sanjeewa has had many years of experience in Vipassana, Metta and many other forms of meditation. He worked independently for over 20 years as a certified yoga/ tai chi and meditation teacher at selected places and Ayurveda resorts in Sri Lanka. Since 2014, Sanjeewa has been working exclusively at Ayurveda Shunyata Villa as a yoga masterteacher.

Anja Krug-Jayabandu is a loving supportive CO-Teacher. The yoga sessions are gently accompanied by her and - if desired - holistically translated into German. Anja is there for you in addition to Sanjeewa's work, as you need and like it.

Anja has worked for 20 years as a trainer and coach in a global company and has been able to accompany and actively support many people in their individual development. She is a trained psychological consultant and mental coach, a passionate yoga teacher, an inspiring person with a lot of heart and humor.

Conclusion: Sanjeewa and Anja in their joint work a unity and a spiritual gift for every practitioner. Or as one participant put it in his words: "Sanjeewa and Anja are balm for the soul. We often forget the essential in our everyday life, and with the two of them you just find it again ...".