Experience a tailored Ayurveda Cure in Sri Lanka at the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa

Depending on your time frame and individual short term goals, your Ayurveda cure will be composed in the best way for you to combineas well as  pleasure with maximum benefit.



The following examples might give you an idea for your cure program. Further We will be happy to discuss this with you in a free consultation via e-mail, phone as well as  Skype to put together a unique and holistic Ayurveda treatment package for you.

How should your Ayurveda cure look like?

*Price examples per person based on double occupancy in a superior room in the low season.

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Which Ayurveda Cure can help with which diseases and imbalances?

According to our experience a Shunyata Panchakarma Cure and in severe cases a Shunyata Medical Ayurveda Cure can significantly help with the following imbalances:

  • headaches and migraine
  • diseases in the area of the forehead and sinuses
  • burnout syndrome
  • tinnitus
  • chronic fatigue
  • sleep disorders
  • depression
  • immunodeficiency
  • conditions of the respiratory tract
  • joint disorders such as arthritis and arthrosis
  • rheumatism, sciatica, gout, “frozen shoulder”
  • deposits (gallstone and bladder stone)
  • hemorrhoids
  • metabolic disorders
  • psychosomatic complaints
  • spinal diseases
  • conditions of the muscles and connective tissue
  • neurodermitis and other skin conditions
  • high/low blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • overweight/underweight
  • allergies, food intolerances
  • borreliosis
  • childlessness
  • smoking cessation

What can you expect from our holistic Ayurveda Cure?

We start with a cleansing of the body using methods of Ayurveda medicine, called Panchakarma. This means discharging “interfering energies” (ama) from the body and thus creating the preconditions to bring our bio-energies (doshas) back into balance.

In an authentic Ayurveda regime the cleansing phase always takes place at the beginning of the treatment. Therefore, an Ayurveda treatment that includes this cleansing is often called Panchakarma cure.

Panchakarma is at the heart of the Ayurveda cure and has a regenerative, rejuvenating and healing effect.
  • For an Ayurveda cure that rather has a preventive or wellness character and/or wants to settle minor health imbalances, a time frame of 2 weeks is usually sufficient.
  • For larger health conditions, such as severe or chronic diseases, you should calculate 2-3 weeks or more in order to achieve profound and lasting healing successes.
  • Long term treatments of 3-6 weeks are also very useful after surgery or after a chemotherapy. These medically indicated Ayurveda cures are also known as Ayurveda Intensive or Ayurveda Med.

According to the different treatment approaches there are also different dietary plans. Further for  lighter cure programs the traditional Ayurvedic cooking (three dosha cuisine) might be enough, as well as  an intensive treatment regime indicates for the stricter Panchakarma diet. likewise, your treatment goal is losing weight you should follow a special diet, and, ideally, not eat after 5 p.m. to achieve the maximum treatment success.

Further For medically indicated, intensive treatments, it has proven helpful to start with a preparation cure at home and sustainably stabilize the progress and success of the Ayurveda treatment with a follow-up cure.

We will send you recommendations for the ‘pre-cure’ in good time before the start of your treatment.

And during your Ayurveda cure you will have an extensive consultation about healthy diet as well as  lifestyle that also covers ‘after-cure’ recommendations. Further Ayurvedic medicine, teas, herbs, etc. for the follow-up cure will also be individually compiled for you by our Ayurveda doctors.


Likewise any other holistic health system, Ayurveda assumes that in many cases the cause for a physical illness can be found on the mental/psychological level. Hence a cleansing in the holistic sense must take into account ‘spiritual cleansing’ as well.

Old outdated beliefs, negative attitudes towards life, unresolved traumas – simply ‘psychologically undigested things’ (also a form of ‘ama’) – can cause significant health imbalances and hamper a healthy and happy life.

Therefore, the ‘spiritual cleansing’ has always been part of a holistic Ayurveda treatment. In this respect the literature on Ayurveda is full of chapters covering the subject of ‘psychological causes of health imbalances’.

A retrievable when needed, psychological counselling (personal coaching) should be an integral part of any reputable Ayurveda treatment.

Contact our counsellors via e-mail, phone or Skype and compose your ‘Signature Cure‘.

We look forward to having you here!