The Ayurveda Resort for regenerating in Sri Lanka

The Ayurveda Resort and the rooms of our Ayurveda Hotel are very appealing and luxuriously designed and offer a relaxed ambience. For all offers, the entire team of the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa is dedicated to make a real ‘difference‘.

The beautiful Ayurveda Resort is surrounding the main house with its five large, extravagant and individually decorated rooms, all facing the sea. From the terraces and balconies, you can enjoy beautiful views, and feel a fresh ocean breeze and hear the sound of the sea.

The passage from the Ayurveda Resort to the ocean is fluent, so that you can enjoy your meals in a quiet, tropical atmosphere, for example under the mangroves on the beach. In the main season, the stone and coral free beach with its fine golden sand is perfect for bathing. However, in some months of the year it requires good swimming skills.

Enjoy our Ayurveda Restaurant

The restaurant with its Ayurvedic Gourmet kitchen is only open for guests of the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa and discloses to you the amazing variety of delicious Ayurvedic dishes. During the cleansing week (first cure week) and in a classical Panchakarma Cure we also offer the stricter Panchakarma kitchen. The food is served aesthetically and the meals are designed to balance all doshas. The composition and adjustments are specified by your accompanying Ayurveda doctor for each individual case. All meals are prepared with fresh and – where possible – organic, high quality ingredients from the region.

Get indulged in our Ayurveda areas

The Ayurveda Resort hosts a maximum of 13 guests. This way we can guarantee to address each guest individually and comprehensively during the Ayurveda cure and ensure a peaceful atmosphere.

Five of our treatment spaces are located in the Ayurveda Pavilion near the beach, which is built from natural materials. During the Ayurvedic treatments you can listen to the sound of the sea or, on request, to harmonizing, relaxing music. Another two treatment rooms are located near the doctors’ room in the Beach Bungalow.

Body and energy work, thematic workshops, Yoga and other forms of meditation are offered on the first floor of the larger Ayurveda Pavilion, which is located right on the beach. From here you have a wonderful view of the Indian Ocean.

Relax and unwind at and in the pool

The atmosphere at the pool is marked by a decorative waterfall, and the fountain of a beautiful statue with fresh and healthy water. Relax in the pool and be gently massaged and ionized by the built-in nozzles on the bench – a wonderful massage, even without oil.
Since July 2014 Ayurveda Shunyata Villa is equipped with a new eco-friendly pool technique. A ionization system enriches the water with invigorating ions which keep the pool clean from bacteria and algae. In this way, we avoid the use of chemicals or salt in the water and thus achieve drinking-water quality.

Take your time and explore our beautifully designed and unique guest rooms. And see for yourself how our Ayurveda Resort offers the ideal conditions for unforgettable Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka.

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