The philosophy of the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa ~ Sri Lanka

Part of our philosophy is the word “Shunyata” which originates from the Tibetan Buddhism and that can be translated as “Ocean of Light”. This encouraged Maria and Jürgen Neurohr in their vision of a luminous sea-facing Ayurveda Resort. The architectural planning and the entire interior design express the “abundance of light”. Thus, in 2004 the owners created this little “gem”, beautiful and open for Ayurveda guests who appreciate a friendly and peaceful place. Here you can get impulses to help you getting in touch with those forces in you that allow health in a holistic sense.

But Shunyata also means “emptiness” or being free of all old programs which prevent us from finding our inner self, at the present moment and thus from living our life.

This philosophy and experience are the foundation for our holistic approach, the heart of our Ayurveda cure, and our related services go far beyond the scope of the customary Ayurveda treatments.
A healthy body needs as a “motor” a free and healthy mind, because that affects so many of our physical and psychological processes. Too often, we are unaware of this: We live in a fast-paced and demanding society and continue to run the “motor” of body and mind often at high speed to supposedly meet all challenges on the stage of life, whether in our private or professional environment. In the long run, the resulting stresses cost us too much power, disturb our balance, affect our health and deprive us from important life energy.

In the protected environment of our Ayurveda cure, the guest will find the opportunity to leave the stressful daily routine behind, to “de-accelerate” and delve into inner peace, relaxation and tranquility. Body, mind and soul receive more attention and time again for cleansing, regeneration and healing. Even after only one week of cure you will experience a new sensation of your body and life: you will feel how the power comes back. All these positive experiences should be lived in everyday life as well. New experiences give us back our courage and the confidence to try a different approach to life – step by step back into a more conscious life to live healthier and therefore happier.

On this path our qualified German guest services can support the Ayurveda guest with comprehensive advises in a loving and professional manner. Experience a professional support during your Ayurveda treatment, also on dietary and current life issues. In this respect, briefings about Ayurveda and holistic lifestyle are an essential part of our work. Make use of these services as needed and experience how our Ayurveda team supports you with a lot of empathy for developing sustainable solutions, tailored to your individual needs and wishes. 


(Health and a happy, long life)

from the team of the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa ~ Sri Lanka