Quality standards of the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa ~ Sri Lanka


Audited and approved by the Department of Ayurveda SL Regd. No. 6.3/2/26, and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority SLTDA, Regd. No. SLTDA/SQA/GH/0808

To meet our quality standards, our philosophy and our motto “We make a difference” a rigorous quality management is required, so that the high international standard of our healing Ayurveda treatments that has grown in so many years now, can be maintained and continuously developed. Hence, it is one of the main tasks of the management team of the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa to implement this standard competently and lovingly in the respective areas.

  • Our Ayurveda doctors have a very sound and comprehensive training in Ayurvedic medicine and plenty of experience. Especially in treating the specific health imbalances of us “Westerners”.
  • All our seven Ayurveda therapists also have many years of experience and are continuously trained to take care of you as good as possible during your Ayurveda cure.
  • Ayurvedic medicines and treatment oils are obtained in Sri Lanka and India in very different qualities and prices. Particularly in the field of Ayurvedic natural medicine, it is extremely important to ensure the use of products with proven quality and maximum purity for the Ayurveda cures, and that they were prepared strictly follow original Ayurvedic recipes. The fresh herbs and other plants that we need for our special applications during your Ayurveda cure, are collected in the uncontaminated jungle regions of our surroundings by our gardener and specialist for medicinal plants, Gamini.
  • Our certified Yoga teacher, Sanjeewa Jayabandu, has acquired a lot of experience on the subjects of meditation, Yoga, Tai chi and holistic lifestyle since his youth, which he spent as a monk in Buddhist monasteries. With joy and generosity, he passes all this on to you joy during your Ayurveda cure or in a Yoga Ayurveda Retreat.
  • Ayurveda Shunyata Villa is led by Sanjeewa Jayabandu as general manager.
    Our German guest relation team accompanies you during your Ayurveda cure and provides you on request with information on the topics Ayurveda, nutrition and holistic living. They will be also happy to support if you have any questions or needs while your booking.
  • Kitchen: We place great importance to use only ingredients which are free of any additives for the preparation of our Ayurvedic meals. Our fish we get freshly caught from the sea. For now, we still must do without chicken, which, in fact, may also be used in Ayurvedic cooking, until the organic farmers in the highlands are ready to continuously deliver meat in the desired quality. Fruits and vegetables, we acquire, wherever possible, from organic farming; but we also get products from small farmers in the immediate vicinity of which we know that they do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Our hand-picked staff is well trained, friendly, unobtrusive and respectful.
  • The Singhalese employees receive fair wages, have permanent contracts, i.e. they are employed and insured for health, accident and pension, the whole year. (In addition, we also take responsibility for the families of our employees and try support them in case of emergency.)
  • The Ayurveda Shunyata Villa is closed every year for 2-4 weeks to do the necessary maintenance measures and to keep the resort up to date also technically and environmentally.

All these quality standards have their price and require responsible and economic management of the Ayurveda resorts.
We are delighted that the ever-growing number of our regular guests shows that they perceive, enjoy and appreciate this difference to other offers.

For this reason we are looking forward to any personal feedback on the Ayurveda treatments of the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa ~ Sri Lanka in our guest book, on Facebook or by e-mail.