Junior Suite 5

The luxuriously furnished Junior Suite 5 of the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa ~ Sri Lanka with its 51 m² is the biggest of our suites. Since it is open to the high roof, just like the other suites, it offers a spacious feeling and a large volume of space. This also has the advantage that the warm air can rise upward and the living and sleeping area prevails a pleasant room temperature.
The Junior Suite 5 has a beautiful and spacious bathroom area with a large double bathtub. Here you can celebrate a bath for two or enjoying the flower bath at the end of your cure together.

The 12 m² large living balcony of the Junior Suite 5 is generously equipped with lounger, hammock, brick deck, teak table set and minibar and enhances the wellbeing during your Ayurveda cure. The balcony is glazed and equipped with sliding doors, so even at rainy weather it sometimes serves as a beautiful living room during your Ayurveda cure. Just as living room and bedroom the balcony also has additional curtains to allow you protected privacy. The Junior Suite 5 of the Ayurveda Shunyata Villa offers the ideal ambience where you can comprehensively enjoy your Ayurveda cure.

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